laser tag in a box concept gamesWe have launched a new platform for Singaporean to enjoy lasertag games! Announcing to be the first in Singapore to officially launch LASER TAG IN A BOX. So what exactly is this???

Laser tag enthusiasts can now play laser tag anywhere, any time and do any type of missions they want. Laser Tag in a BOX is a new concept that we supply you with lasertag equipment while you DIY your own games at a super affordable cost! Each box consist of 6 guns, complete with all the must-knows and other equipment you need for your missions. On top of that, we can also order more accessories  like the medic boxes, claymore mines etc etc.

You can even design our own party themes to be battling the galaxy, star-wars, zombie attacks and the list never ends… Order your laser tag equipment in the super fun and budget laser tag in the box concept today!