Paintball VS Laser Tag


Combat Skirmish vs Paintball

1. Laser Tag is Harmless and Painless

Paintball is an established leisure sport with a large fan base in Singapore. Nothing gets their adrenaline pumping more than the sound of the paintball pellets whizzing and the sight of the pellets flying everywhere. Even the pain inflicted when you or your opponent gets hit can be thrilling. It is true that there are no simulation alternatives for all these physical actions.

However, due to the physical pain inflicted during paintball games, the sport has kept many females and kids at bay, leaving the men to dominate the playing field.

Combat Skirmish Laser Tag, on the other hand, is a completely safe and harmless activity that is very much enjoyed by everyone, anywhere anytime! The fact that it is projectile-free means that no one will get injured whilst having fun. This very fact attracts more people, especially families with young kids to play laser tag. Additionally, our laser tag games can cater to both genders as well as a diverse age group. Since harmless infrared technology is being used, there is no need for any form of protective equipment like goggles, pads, gloves, helmets etc. Laser tag players only need to wear a harness which mounts the sensors on the player’s boy. Hence, players are ensured a maximum amount of comfort during the laser tag game.


2. Fairplay during Laser Tag Games

Our laser tag guns come with the latest SATR feedback system. They are able to electronically record the number of times the player gets shot. This ensures fair gameplay as the results are automatically registered by the guns. Also, once a player is out of lives, the gun will automatically disable. This gives players no choice but to return to their base to get a re-spawn so they can get back into the laser tag game again.


3. Cost

Combat Skirmish charges a flat fee based on the number of laser tag missions requested. We do not have any hidden charges and are thus more cost saving and cost efficient as compared to paintball where each round of pellets have to be paid for. All our equipment rental and manpower fees are already included within the cost.


4. Variety of Guns

Combat Skirmish laser tag offers a range of gun models, all of which have different weight and range characteristics, different from paintball where players are issued with a standard type of gun.

All our laser tag guns come with real riflescopes and can simulate the realistic time taken for reloads as well as clip size. Check out our range of guns here.

In order to give players a more satisfying laser tag experience, all our laser tag gun sensors have undergone extensive testing to achieve optimal levels of range and firepower.


5. Longer Range of Weapons

Traditionally, paintball has a range advantage over indoor laser tag equipment. However, this has since changed. All out Combat Skirmish laser tag guns and equipment have a range between 60m to 200m, at least 3 times that of paintball. Paint pellets have a nasty habit of straying off-course with increased range. With our, this would never be a problem.

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